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womaniser no1 with his accomplice thaya the terrorist (womaniser no2)

Image of womaniser no1 (left) while still in capture

IMG1 showing his fit body


Name- DESMOND CHUA XIANG XIN (not sure bout the Xiang Xin) aka
womanizer, Mr.fit, fit guy, puffer fish, prettyboy, napet, taekwando 2 tan guy, ladies
man, joggernot, badminton pro, Byyeeeeeeeee & etc..
Age- Unknown
Race- Chinese
Occupation- Student of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (stupid bussiness student)
Health level-Superbly fit (max lv)


Desmond Chua has been known for his superior killer charm over girls. All he has to do is walk pass any group of girls and the girls will drool over him; calling his name in delight. His fame over girls knows no boundaries.

Athough saying that he doesnt know any girls,he has been spotted many times eating and chatting with a bunch of girls. Some of the venues in which he has been caught in act areareas in Nottingham campus(etc. cafeteria,SA,tiscra & I1C38a) , mid valley, sunway, msn, South Africa, China, Dubai & Afghanistan. Reasons of him being in Afghanistan has been rumoured to be because of his accomplice Thayabaran the Terrorist ( womaniser no3).

Lately, rumours have been spreading about that Desmond Chua is finally changing his ways; actually falling for a girl whose name is **** (name censored due to privacy reasons). However, this rumour is highly unlikely due to his hamsap nature.

Although there is no scientific prove yet to why Desmond has this special ability to easilly charm girls with a snap of his fingertips, many hypothesis has been made through observations and tests on Desmond by his roommates whether while Desmond is fully awake or unconciously sleeping.

Hypothesis :-
Reasons to Desmonds charm over girls.

(1) Desmond has the ability to act lala ( whether it is natural or an act remains unknown) which in turn makes him look very cute.

(2)He is physically fit making girls feel protected when with him. His bulging muscles and abs makes him an irresistable target. Additionaly he is superbly fit and can run for miles without stopping. His last effort on jogging was seen on 20th March whereby he ran up&down Broga hill a couple of times (estimated 14 times in a row) in only under 1 hour.

(3) His badminton skills are unmatchable. He thrives for the shuttle without showing and sign of fatigue. He smashes like Lindan. His shuttle speed record is 322km/hour.

(4) His hair plays an important role in his magic towards girls. His hair style is lala SUPER COOL!! he colours his hair which is quite long for a guy but it gives him the image of a pretty boy. Information from an annonymous person states that Desmond takes a long time styling his hair with hair sprays and clay. It is said that this can take up to 3 hours. Rumours, he sometimes uses toothpaste to style his hair.

(5) The way he walks is undoubtly sexy and very manly. He walks like a male penguin. This potrays and gives him an image of a very responsible man. The reason, male penguins are very hardworking and responsible, bringing food to the family and warming the eggs... The image of responsibility & care for the family is a main want of the ladies.

(6) His manly voice which isproven to drive girls mad. One thing proven through statistics is that girls envy the deep voice of a man and thats what Desmond has. His voice captures the heart and soul of every woman. For instance, his trademark quote. This quote is "byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
It is said in a tone only desmond can, and the word bye is dragged to drive girls crazy.

*there are many more reasons. However, due to lack of space for posting, only a few points of his charms can be shown*


Emphasize of the importance to be cautious when near Desmond. GIrls should highly be aware of the dangers of Desmond. Desmond is a ladykiller! ( not literally, he just 'kidnaps' theyre hearts) For man, dont think you are safe. There has been cases whereby guys have turn gay over Desmond. Also, keep your wife & girlfriend away from Desmond to avoid any harm in your relationship.


YOur attention is very much appreciated.
THank you.
ps. the above statements are not 100% true .
desmond chua is actually a real nice guy. After all, his my roomate and I1c38a loves him (awww.) plz dont kill me